El Gordo

Play El Gordo de Navidad and El Gordo de la Primitiva online!

Did you heard about the Spanish Christmas lottery? If you do not know this extraordinary lottery, which has aroused great interest in Spain, we invite you to familiarize yourself with important information about magnificent lottery – El Gordo de Navidad. After reviewing the information, sign up on our website and join the fun. Maybe it is you’ll be the next winner, who scoops the jackpot in El Gordo!

El Gordo is a lottery, to the point where the Spaniards went nuts. The lottery is known for many years and with each passing year attracted huge interest. One can not say that the supposedly up to 98% of Spaniards play in spanish national lottery, which is not only great fun, but also a regular feature of Spanish culture. El GordoEl Gordo lottery draw takes place at Christmas, can not be so surprising that a lottery called El Gordo de Navidad.

Lottery draw takes place each year at Christmas, and many Spaniards do not know that there are still five additional draws during the year. Extra draw held in January, March, May, July and November. The additional sweepstakes El Gordo lottery is involved a lot of people, but certainly not as much as at Christmas. The additional rate of lottery you can win it from 78 million to as much as 655 million euros. However, the most money you can get the El Gordo de Navidad when the prize is as high as 2.2 billion euros! Encouraging, right?

Huge wins and grabs a very high probability even a small amount makes more people interested in the El Gordo lottery. The Christmas lottery is offered up to 13 000 awards, and the probability of hitting winning is 1 in 6! It’s amazing, right? Everything would be beautiful and colorful, were it not that the price of tickets El Gordo lottery is very high. To buy a ticket to be issued up to 200 euros! El Gordo onlineNot everyone can afford it. You can use the option to buy the so-called. „Decimo” or tens. A ticket lottery is divided into 10 parts -10 decimos. You can buy one, two, three .. tens. This means that a ticket may belong to different proportions of interest to one, two or more players. In the case of a win – win money are divided into the appropriate number of parts.

El Gordo is a game you play most often whole families, employees of one company or even whole villages and small towns. Raffle ticket price makes it a much better solution is to playing the game a few of those close to buying one of fate for 20 euros. In Spain, many families and even entire villages are composed to a common money to buy a few or more tickets and increase your chances to win big. In Spain, ElGordo evoked true madness.

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