SuperLOTTO Plus

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We present numerical lottery is a lottery, which was founded in 1986 in California, USA. The popularity of the lottery number SuperLottoPlus growing every day. Today you can play thissuperlottoplus lottery, not only in America but also in other continents, playing online lotto. Also today you can play SuperLotto Plus maybe even win the big money that will change your life.

Super Lotto Plus is a lottery, which has repeatedly changed its rules and name. Initially, a lottery called „6-49″ because the six numbers were selected from the 49 then expanded the number of balls involved in the draw to 53 and changed the name of the lottery „game number 53.” Very soon the name changed to „lottery number 51″ because of the limited number of balls involved in the draw 53 to 51 Since 2000, the new rules, which participate in the lottery the numbers 47 and 27 basic numbers, which attracts an additional number. Also since 2000, without prejudice to the current name of the lottery – SuperLotto Plus.

Lottery Rules are very clear and understandable. A player wishing to participate in the lottery to choose six numbers from two sets of numbers. The first prize is a number from 1 to 47 – from the pool you need to choose 5 main SuperLOTTO Plusnumbers. In the second pool are numbered from 1 to 27 – among them, choose a number. To win you must correctly select all 6 SuperLotto Plus numbers to be drawn. I must admit that the task is not easy, because winning does not happen very often, but thanks to hitting the jackpot, you can take a very large amount of several million dollars. So let’s throw SuperLotto Plus Online.

Indeed, one interesting question is the possible gain for Super Lotto Plus. Win Min, one can pick up perfectly, hitting six numbers drawn that up to seven million dollars. Of course, no accumulation if no player wins the jackpot. Most victory in history until Super Lotto Plus $ 193,000,000, which earns 16 February 2002 year. Winnings are paid in 26 annual installments – unless the winner within 60 days from the date of the lottery prize raises the desire to get away. Certainly won this lottery to encourage it, have fun and play the californian lottery, which today you can play online.

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